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Chester Cathedral Gin

Chester Cathedral Gin

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London dry -Classic 'Old English' style, slightly spiced using plenty of rich juniper, as well as angelica, lovage (common ingredients gathered by our ancestors) grains of paradise, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and herbs from our garden: rosemary, thyme and lemon verbena. 

40% Vol 70cl /  28 UK Units / 1 Unit Per 25ml serving / 18+ 

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How the Gin is made 

The cloister garden, known as The Garth, provides a peaceful oasis in Chester City Centre and is home to a sculpture called 'The Water of Life'. Originally though,  this would have been a working space, growing herbs and other medicinal plants. Chester Cathedral Gin is based on the medicinal flavours and spices that would have been familiar to the Christian community that has inhabited the cloisters for 930 years. 

Three Wrens Distillery 'The Spirit of Cheshire'  



Measurements Length 8cm x Height 12cm 

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